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EB Photography is located in Apex, NC and specializes in providing residential, interior, commercial and architectural images.

Our photos include a combination of multiple lighting setups and exposure blending techniques that are processed to the upmost quality reproduction. Each photo will be edited in 3 different softwares and individually manipulated to produce a crisp and vibrant photograph.

Twilight photography and video captures radiant hues of your beautiful listing. Shoots begin about a half hour before the sun sets, and capture the emotion and essence of a North Carolina sunset.

The dramatic shades of light from a Twilight photography shoot make photos more visually interesting, and memorable.

Over 80% of buyers find online photos to be critical when searching for a home.

Preparing Your House

The following are suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare for your photo appointment. We normally photograph every room of the home, unless there is something you don’t want photographed.

General Tips For Every Room

  • Clean windows and all reflective or glass surfaces
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Remove cobwebs from wall/ceiling corners
  • Fix/straighten/open blinds and shutters(to emphasize natural light and views outside)
  • Make sure cabinet doors and dressers drawers close all the way
  • Make sure framed artwork and mirrors are not hanging crooked
  • Remove any small rugs that are not in great condition
  • Put pets in a safe place
  • Have ALL lights and lamps turned ON for your appointment

“A clean home will produce the best photos, which will produce more potential buyers and more money for you! It is best to hide as many personal items as possible. Potential buyers would rather imagine their own items on the shelves.”

Kitchen and Dining Areas

  • Remove magnets, artwork, photos from refrigerator
  • Remove any items from the top of the refrigerator
  • Put away all unnecessary appliances, dish racks, etc.
  • Make sure towels are clean and neatly folded
  • Clean stovetop and put away any pots and pans
  • Neatly organize any visible hanging kitchen utensils
  • Make sure the sink is empty, put all dishes and sponges away
  • Move calendars, mail, phone chargers, etc. out of view
  • Move paper towels, trash cans, pet dishes out of view
  • Remove booster seats from dining room chairs


  • Remove as much as possible from desktop areas
  • Neatly organize any paperwork or items that can’t be removed
  • Organize or hide computer cables under or around desk
  • Straighten/organize items on bookshelves
  • Move trash cans and shredders out of view


  • Make sure towels are clean and neatly folded
  • Remove any used shower towels
  • Hide toothbrushes and other items from counter
  • Clean all spots and streaks from the mirror
  • Put a small potted flower on the counter, if possible
  • Move plunger, cleaning supplies, air freshener, etc. out of view
  • Move shower supplies out of view
  • Move trash cans and diaper disposal out of view


“A clean home will produce the best photos, which will produce more potential buyers and more money for you! It is best to hide as many personal items as possible. Potential buyers would rather imagine their own items on the shelves.”

Living and Family Rooms

  • Move any pet toys, beds, food dishes, etc. out of view
  • Hide TV remotes and game controllers
  • Hide exposed A/V or electrical cables, if possible
  • Straighten/organize books and DVDs on bookshelves
  • Place fresh unburned logs in the fireplace, if possible
  • Organize/remove pillows and blankets from couch and chairs
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture or exercise equipment
    (extra furniture will make rooms appear smaller in photos)


  • Make beds, be sure all loose sheets are tucked in
  • Make sure any items under bed are hidden from view
  • Remove as much as possible from dresser and bedside tables
  • Make sure frames, posters etc. are not crooked
  • Consider removing children’s names from the walls, if possible
  • Remove excessive stuffed animals and arrange or hide kid’s toys
  • Move laundry basket out of view
  • Remove any temporary fans or space heaters


  • Be prepared to move any cars or trailers from driveway
  • Hide garbage cans out of view from street
  • Put colorful flowers near the front door, patios and walkways
  • Move pet toys, crates, beds, dishes etc. out of view
  • Move shoes, kids toys, sporting equipment out of view
  • Neatly coil or remove hoses and temporary sprinklers
  • Neatly arrange patio furniture and BBQ equipment
  • Trim and remove dead or discolored branches and leaves
  • Remove leaves from pool, walkways and patio areas
  • Remove pool sweep before appointment, if possible
  • Remove temporary fence around pool, if possible
  • Turn on waterfall ahead of time and clean leaves from pool
  • Make the path to front door clearly visible